What would you do if you were in the shoes of this lucky winner who ended his month of July by winning a fabulous jackpot of 149,129 dollars won in the game of Lotto Poker Plus? It must scroll through you many desires and old fantasies so far unrealizable in your mind at this precise second. But nothing prevents you from also trying your luck on the many games of chance that we sometimes make you discover in our forums or on the sites of online casinos and sports betting sites that we present to you on our portal every day.

A fruitful and winning summer

It is July 23, then, and a poker player has simply won a nice little progressive jackpot of $ 149,129. He will in fact win this prize in the Lotto poker plus quick play… with a royal flush! Not remaining absolutely anonymous, we know that this lucky winner is named Yves Trudeau, that he is a resident of Montérégie and that he is in fact a person who has devoted an unlimited passion to poker for many years already.

Loto-Québec’s Communications Department explains that this lucky player knew he had just won the jackpot when he saw the first four cards in his hand appear on the screen. Yves, for his part, testifies by explaining that he could not believe it at the time and that he was jumping around the store to express his happiness and his joy at winning this jackpot, leaving the manager of the establishment perplexed. , having absolutely no understanding of what was going on in his store, just before finding out the amount of the winnings. “I was jumping all over the place and the retailer didn’t seem to understand why…”. The winning ticket indeed comes from Boni-Soir located on boulevard des Champs-Fleuris in La Prairie.

Yves Trudeau already had dreams in his head. Even if this jackpot is far from turning him into a new millionaire, it is still more than enough to fulfill some of his most important projects. He therefore plans more seriously and above all calmly to take care of his daughter’s education by paying for her higher education, for example. But he also wants to make renovations in his house and does not forget to plan to organize a trip to spoil his little family.

A non-isolated case

A list shows other lucky players during this month of July and in the lottery category. So we find prizes that go up to $ 1,000,000 for a brand new millionaire who has pocketed his win online. Huge amounts of money that prompted Loto-Québec to take action for those who wish to claim their prize. Loto-Québec has therefore put in place a series of procedures to guarantee all operations. This implies in fact that the winner will have to inquire and know the withdrawal conditions related to his winnings. A much lesser evil when you know that you are going to win a nice tidy sum!

The game Lotto Poker Plus remains a new option. It allows access to a progressive jackpot of the lottery. It is therefore a substantial and progressive jackpot, the amount of which changes as the bets are made. A price that climbs until a player finally takes the reward.

There are also many vacant entertainment options on the band’s official website; such as draws, scratch games or online games. On the site we also find, and on the promotion side, many good plans which are not lacking and which offer you to take advantage of important prizes to win in particular, more particularly on the side of Lotto Max which takes place on certain Fridays as was the case the last week, Friday August 3, 2018.